Silveramics Jewelry Workshops Scheduled at Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


We’ve just returned from an amazing workshop in Mexico and we’re very excited to have scheduled another one for 2020. The dates are February 9 - 15, 2020!! You won’t want to miss this one. Five days of instruction, all breakfasts and lunches and lodging included as well as supplies and materials for the workshop. The cost is $1,875 (does not include air fare or dinners).

Make your own wedding rings with me!!

I've been developing a new concept and a new workshop for all you engaged people out there.  So far I've had three couples design and make their own wedding bands in my workshop.  It's loads of fun and may be easier than you think!  We spend a whole day designing, texturing, sawing, forming, soldering with gold and/or silver.  The results have been spectacular and the meaning is priceless.  For more information or to make an appointment, please contact me.  The cost is $400 plus materials for the day.

My New Venture

Late August 2015 and I'm about to embark on a new teaching venture!  With the help of some jewelry friends, I'm establishing Hand in Hand Jewelry School in my new studio in Zirconia.  I'm very excited!  More to come as I move forward.  The idea is still in its infancy.  

Hand in Hand Jewelry School to open in the near future!

What's happening now?

Looking forward to seeing YOU here in my new studio.  Workshops being scheduled soon for 2016.

So it's been a year since I've last updated this page and a lot has happened.  Most importantly I have a new studio space which my husband helped me design and he built!  It's beautiful and I can teach up to five students at a time in it.

I've also added lots of workshops to my schedule for 2015 with more to come to fill up the year.  Everything from the basics of metalsmithing to advanced techniques such as hollow form construction, use of the hydraulic press and hinge making are now included.

And I still make stuff to sell!!  With all this teaching you'd think I wouldn't have much time to make stuff, but I do and my work can still be seen and purchased from this website along with several other galleries in the area.

Brand new studio space!

photo 3.JPG

Very happy students in my new studio space

Life is good!

It's about time I got back to updating this space!  Life has been very busy and very good.  I've been to England and back over the holidays to see our grand kids.  They'll be moving there this summer from Brussels, Belgium, and I plan to spend lots of time visiting.  The other personal note is that we acquired a beautiful Brittany Spaniel.  She was dumped off at John C. Campbell Folk School a month ago with a piece of tape stuck to her side with the work "free" written.  I took her home and last week she delivered seven healthy puppies.  What a delight!

On a professional note, I've been teaching in my studio at home more and more and am enjoying it thoroughly.  One of my students asked me if I'd considering starting a "Molly Sharp School of Jewelry" for her.  She works full time and can only get time off every six weeks or so to attend.  So, I dove right in and have planned a curriculum for her for the next six months.  Some of my other students heard about it and asked if they could join in!  So, I now have three students attending "school."  More on that later.

I'm still producing fun pieces, mostly hollow forms, and am finding that teaching has greatly improved upon my skills and creativity.  I'm also knocking out the few wholesale accounts I have to help pay the bills.

New Website

I've just launched my new website! This will be a place for me to show you photographs of my work as well as listings of my exhibits and workshops. Also, come visit my online shop to see new items for sale.

On this page you'll also find some information about "what I'm up to now."  Visit often for new updates!